Instructions: This new way to distribute Films is pretty exciting and I'm happy to be able to use VHX to help me get American Blogger - The First Journey into your hands. 

After you click "BUY MOVIE" you will be directed to enter in your name, email address and payment information. Either Credit Card OR PayPal. Don't worry. The payment methods are secure and very safe.

Once you submit your payment, you will be sent 2 emails. One will confirm your payment and the other will be a way for you to set a password so you may view the Film from different devices. You will not have to register just enter a password and that's it. Now you can log in and watch the movie as much as you like.

You will then be directed to a page where you may start streaming the Film immediately. You are welcome to watch this version OR you may select the arrow on the bottom right part of the player, which is the download button, and you may download it to your computer and watch it directly from your computer which will result in a better Film experience. I suggest the HD 720p or HD 1080p version. This should take less than 30 mins to fully download. For my friends with a slow internet connection, it may be best for you to download the SD 540p because Live Streaming will be tougher with a slow connection.  

If you want to add the film to your iTunes library, simply download the version of your choice, then drag and drop the Film file into your iTunes Library OR in iTunes go to File > Add To Library and there you go. You will be able to sync your Mobile Devices to your iTunes account to have the film on your Device. 

If you have any questions visit for additional help. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!